Our HR Audit Services

Identifying employment issues can help avoid costly mistakes and lawsuits. An HR audit involves an objective look at the company’s HR policies, practices, procedures and strategies to protect the company, establish best practices, identify opportunities for improvement and assess compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations. HR audits are particularly valuable after significant changes in an organization such as a restructuring, an expansion or a reduction-in-force.

Areas that should be audited include, but are not limited to:

Legal Compliance (EEO, AA, ADA, FMLA, IRCA, etc.)

Record Keeping (Personnel Files, I-9s, Applications, etc.)

Compensation/Pay Equity

Employee Relations

Performance Appraisal Systems

Policies and Procedures/Employee Handbook


Health, Safety and security (OSHA compliance, Drug-Free Workplace, AIDS in the workplace, etc.)

Working Together

Kmet Consulting will work with you to identify employment issues, make recommendations for improvement and offer a plan for implementation that meets the needs of your business. We can also benchmark areas against organizations of similar size and/or industry.


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