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Employee Training and Development

To retain a talented workforce and ensure your company has a sustainable competitive advantage, an organization must create an environment that fosters professional satisfaction and encourages employee development. We offer courses designed to support personal development and organizational growth. Discover new approaches and techniques for training employees and building organizational unity.

Leadership Development

Cultivating in-house talent is crucial to your organization’s success. Leadership programs help ease the chain of succession, make employees feel more connected to the business, and encourage the sharing of information throughout the organization. When creating a leadership development program, Kmet Consulting makes sure your business has a clear vision and stated goals, identifies potential candidates and fosters their success.

New Employee On-Boarding

The faster a new hire feels welcome and prepared for the job, the faster this person becomes a productive member of the organization. We help you engage new hires right from the start, helping them make connections with their peers, focus on their job expectations and start contributing more quickly — all of which drives success for them and for your company.

Orientation Program

You’ve found your ideal employees - now it’s time to introduce these new recruits to your organization and their new role. An orientation program helps employees understand their assigned duties and the terms and conditions of their employment. It should also make employees feel comfortable and introduce your organizational culture. By taking the time to properly orient new hires, employers increase the employee’s chances of being successful.

Employee Coaching

Coaching is an ongoing approach to developing an employee’s potential. Coaching provides consistent feedback, counseling and mentoring of your staff so they have the opportunity to grow and achieve optimal performance. Rather than relying solely on an annual review to check progress, we support employees throughout the year so there is no misunderstanding about what needs to be achieved and how it is to be accomplished. This “real time” analysis increases the probability of an employee's success by providing timely feedback, recognition, clarity and support.

Internal Complaint Investigations

In an ideal world, employers would not have to conduct internal workplace investigations because they would hire only honest, drug-free and loyal employees. But unfortunately, employees are people and people are far from perfect. People raise issues that sometimes warrant investigation. How employers respond to and investigate internal complaints of harassment, discrimination and other misconduct allegations can have a serious impact both legally and practically, affecting employee morale, productivity and workplace culture. At Kmet Consulting, we can help you develop an effective mechanism for allowing work related complaints to be resolved effectively and fairly.


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